Top Tips to Save You Money

Money, money, money, it’s so funny in a rich man’s world. Truer words have never been said… or sang in this instance. It’s 2016, we could all do with some useful tips on how to save a penny or two every now and again. Some people take extreme measures to save money. Money tree’s I’m afraid haven’t been invented just yet, so why not save money by taking into consideration some of these useful tips.

Buy Own Brand Goods

This one is simple, most big supermarkets such as Tesco or Asda have value products on display. People think because the packaging isn’t good to look at that the content inside won’t match up to big brands. This is often not the case! Most times you are paying for the brand, when the content inside is almost identical to that of value products. Looking on Tesco’s site, a tin of Heinz beans will cost you 75p, while a can of their own value brand will cost 24p. Buying the value product will save you 51p per can! Which is a lot of money if you are a fan of baked beans!

Changing to value products will see you saving a significant amount of money every time you do your groceries.

Make Use of Discount Sites

There are plenty of money saving sites out there to help you save a pretty penny or two. Sites such as groupon and hotukdeals are there to keep you updated with all the latest bargains, ranging from electronical goods all the way down to saving on washing up liquid. It is ideal to check in on these sites at least once a day as some of the offers are too good to be true that they end up selling out fast!

Unplug Everything!

You’d be surprised at how much we all waste on electric by just leaving things plugged in overnight or when we go out for the day. Unplugging appliances around the house can save you in your bills for the future. Most households have a television and laptop, leaving them plugged in, as well as a phone charger will see you electricity bills skyrocket over the year. Why not switch these appliances off when they aren’t in use. Same goes for kitchen appliances, unplug the toaster and microwave when not in use and you’ll see improvements in no time. Just make sure not to unplug your alarm!


Times are changing, now more than ever we are looking to our laptops and computers to watch television. Why not save money by sticking to one device to watch your favourite shows. Instead of paying out for a T.V licence, enjoy the shows on the internet. Most channels, including the BBC have their own sites which stream their latest shows to watch anytime. Sites such as Netlflix are there for those film fans, and for £6 a month it’s a bargain in comparison to buying or renting hundreds of films and television shows at a time.

Save Pennies

We all have loose change hiding somewhere, whether it’s in our wallets, down the sofa or in old pockets. Having a jar to collect and save those loose pennies over a year or a period of time, you’d be surprised at how much you could actually save up. This money can go towards things such as Christmas presents for loved ones, treats for yourself for being so good for the year or simply paid on bills. So why not save up the change instead of throwing it in the bin!

Hopefully these tips will prove useful and save you money over the next year. We’d like to hear from you on some of your favourite money saving tips.