JSTE for our IMPROVE Project

The partnership of the European project, IMPROVE: “Innovative Methodologies and PRactices On Vet”, has successfully implemented the Joint Staff Training Event. The training took place virtually, given the COVID19 current situation, with host organization, our Greek partner, the Lifelong Learning Center KAINOTOMIA.

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The first day included presentations of the partner organizations, as well as an introductory presentation of the project. The partner responsible for the first Intellectual Output, University of Turku, presented in details the Output and combined its presentation with interactive activities.

The second day included a presentation on the second and fourth Intellectual Output, presented accordingly by the organizations, Find An Internship and Euro-Idea. Partners achieved detailed presentations on the thematic of the Intellectual Outputs.

During the third and fourth day of our Joint Staff Training Event, KAINOTOMIA and Youth Europe Service presented the third and fifth Intellectual Outputs on the themes of Creativity and Creative Problem Solving and Gamification of learning and Digital Story Telling. In fourth day, the sixth Intellectual Output for the Open Education Resources was presented, with the mutual and equal contribution of all partners.

Last but not least, the last day of the training was devoted in the presentation of the last Intellectual Output, regarding ECVET documents by Informamentis Europa, accompanied with an interactive activity, using the breakout rooms of Zoom.

We hope that all partners, KAINOTOMIA, Youth Europe Service, University of Turku, Find An Internship, Euro-Idea, Informamentis Europa, gained some important knowledge on the topics discussed and that they will apply this knowledge and methods in their organizational contexts! The Joint Staff Training Activity was a very pleasant and enlightening experience and all partners contributed to the successful completion of it!

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