Challenge Yourself in 2016

Fancy changing something about yourself for the future? Why not set yourself a one year challenge, with a goal of improving yourself by the end of it. Whether you want to read a new book every month, wish to apply for an internship or join a gym, setting yourself a goal to work towards can prove to be a useful way of improving yourself for the long run.

Think about it as a late New Year’s Resolution, or a goal to stick to for the year and see how much you progress during this time. Facebook founder and entrepreneur Mark Zuckerberg is a fan of setting himself a New Year challenge. In 2015 his challenge for himself was to read a new book every other week. His challenge for 2016 is to build an AI powered helper, which is a huge leap. The reason why Zuckerberg does these challenges? In his own words, the purpose is to have an “emphasis on learning about different cultures, beliefs, histories and technologies”.

I have two challenges this year, the first is to read more. I’ve been slacking on the reading part for a long while, until recently. So far, I have read The Great Gatsby, and now I’m in the middle of reading The Princess Bride, two books of which I’ve massively enjoyed. My second goal is to carry on writing, and trying to improve my standard of work by publishing more articles.

Setting yourself a goal in life can push you to do many things. It can motivate you to get out of the house, and apply yourself to new challenges, that might help you when you are faced with something later on in life.

A challenge such as improving your English will benefit you in your personal life and working career. Maybe you’re graduating this year, your challenge could be to find an internship to help you progress along your career path. It might be to visit different countries in a year. Whatever it is, setting yourself and sticking to a goal in mind will do you wonders.

The challenges can be fun, something to look forward to. Challenges such as taking up sports, such as running will not only have benefits for your fitness, but also your mind.

So we at FAI challenge you to challenge yourself, motivate yourself to do something new in 2016. Make it a challenge to better yourself, a challenge that can help you on your career path. We’d like to hear from you on our social media pages and find out about your progress a year down the line. What are you waiting for? Make 2016 a year to remember.