Realised in the Framework of the Programme Erasmus Plus KA2 Strategic Partnerships for Adult Education

Action N. 2020-1-UK01-KA204-078950

As a precautionary measure, we organised two separate events.

  • First Multiplier Event13/06/2023: 34 Participants.
  • Second Multiplier Event: 14/06/2023: 33 Participants.

Multiplier Event Preparation & Outcome

  • We implemented a social media campaign in order to promote both events.
  • Designed two brochure posters.
  • Created a targeted email marketing campaign.
  • Put together interactive content materials, thanks to the Joint Staff Training Event (JSTE)
  • Designed and developed two brochures and agendas considering the Intellectual Outputs and Theatrical Performance activities.
  • The two events were attended by 67 participants. We exceeded the set target of 60 participants.
  • We conducted an evaluation survey for accurate insight into the Multiplier Event. The survey was created with Google Forms and shared via emails to the 67 participants.

Multiplier Event Evaluation Feedback

The Multiplier Event Evaluation survey was given to all 67 attendees via email. The research received 41 responses, with a 62% response rate (please see the data above). The study’s conclusions suggest an 82.9% satisfaction rating. We determined that the initiative benefits both the target groups and the stakeholders.