Action n. Action n. 2020-1-UK01-KA204-078950


Project Objectives

Interact Logo

INTERACT project intends to deliver innovative training and professional opportunities to educators as well as operators who are keen or already performing in the field of Cultural Heritage, through activities project-based learning of 28 months. In addition to this, is a commitment to improving service quality, promoting historical traditions, preserving local culture and boosting landscapes and heritage. The project will managed by the coordinator Find An Internship form the UK, with the support of a consortium of partners from Italy, Poland, Romania and Spain. This consortium is comprised of organisation in the following fields:

  • Adult Education
  • Theatre
  • Non-Verbal Communication
  • Tale Practices
  • Digital Media related to tourism.

Project Outputs

The project involves the creation of the following 3 intellectual outputs:

1- Theatrical Performances

A series of theatrically guided tours with “guiding actors” wearing historical dresses, will talk about the principal historical and artistical points of interest of the European cities involved.


For more information:

2- Digital Platform

A Digital Platform with research material on the contents produced inside the project (to enhance the experience before and even after the events).

3-Experiential Augmented Reality app

An Experiential Augmented Reality app for mobile devices, connected to an analogic map/game to:

  • Experience real-time created contents
  • Guide the audience through the discovery of the imagined path with video
  • Animations


  • LOGOS POLSKA (Poland)
  • C PREDICT CSD (Romania)