Top Life Hacks Tips For Everyday Life

What is a life hack? I hear you ask. A life hack is any trick, shortcut or skill method that increases productivity and efficiency on a daily basis. Life Hacks can save you valuable time and money, which let’s be honest, is something we all worry about in 2016. Life hacks can be fun and inventive ways to cut costs and can range from something small to something quite big to save a lot of time and effort.


Let’s start simple, if you are like me you will use your laptop all day every day. Whether I’m working or surfing the web, I am glued to my laptop. Did you know that the surface of the keyboard is a very filthy place, carrying bacteria that isn’t very pleasant. Instead of ignoring it, or paying out for cleaning products, there is a very easy solution for cleaning in-between the keys. Using the sticky part of a sticky note through the keys will help collect fluff and crumbs that otherwise would be tricky to remove.


Staying with technology, this useful life hack will save you having to buy a new keyboard. We’ve all been there, typing away until the back stand breaks off, leaving you with a wonky keyboard. Instead of stressing out, relax because the solution is much cheaper than buying a new keyboard. If you are at work there will probably be some binder clips laying around, using part of the clip as a replacement for the stand is the perfect solution to those dodgy keyboards.


Now for something more interesting. For those of you drivers out there, you will know how easy it is to see your car receive a dent, either through and accident or careless driving. Instead of going to a car repair, why not try out this life hack. Using dry ice over the dent should solve the issue. By placing the dry ice over the dent for 5 to 10 seconds and then a further minute to fix itself should help solve the solution. If the dent is still there then reapply the dry ice for a further 10 seconds. Please note that it is vital to use protective gloves whilst handling dry ice.


Another useful life hack that will come in handy, this time for people that are into decorating or in the need to renovate their place. By simply putting a rubber band around the paint pot will come in handy when you need to wipe excess paint off the brush, instead of on the edge of the paint pot. This in turn stops the lid from sticking when you finish with the paint.


This life hack could have come in handy for me recently. We all know chargers for our phones and electronic devises break easily. If you travel with the frequently then it is almost certain to break at some point. An interesting way to prevent this though is using an old pen spring to coil around your charger, this should prevent it from bending, and in turn reducing the likelihood of it breaking for a while.


This one is for you heavy sleepers out there that usually sleep through your alarm. By simply putting your phone in an empty glass, this should amplify your alarm to loud enough to wake up even the heaviest of sleepers.

Hopefully some of these life hacks will make life a bit simpler for you. Do you have any interesting life hacks that get you through the day? We’d like to hear from you.