Something For Everyone!

We’ve learnt there are a large number of activities to take on during your stay in the city, from sightseeing to visiting museums or visiting traditional English pubs. If these days out still aren’t what you are looking for, then maybe these unique places in London are for you. This list of unique and sometimes absurd places make for a fun day out, don’t ever say London is boring.

Cat Café

Fans of Coffee? Also fans of cats? Well if you answered yes to both why not visit, Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium, for those puurfect nights out. Located on Bethnal Green Road, this café is one of the unique places in London that mixes relaxing with friends around a hot drink with interacting with some cute cats. Step back from the busy streets of London and enjoy the relaxed environment of Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium.

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Cereal Killer Café

For a truly unique experience, why not visit the Cereal Killer Café! This café is like no other you’ve visited, as they specialise in cereal. It might not sound exciting, sitting at a table eating Frosties, but the company offers cereal from all over the world. Taste the cereal of the world from the café which is located in Brick Lane.

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Bermondsey Arts Club

Believe it or not, but there is a new and frankly astonishing trend sweeping across London, and that is drinking and socialising in refurbished toilets… yes you read that correctly, TOILETS. Bermondsey Arts Club is one of many bars and cafes to renovate a former toilet room into a fully run bar. Don’t say that we didn’t warn you! This is one of the most unique places in London to visit during a night out with friends!

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Basement Gallery- Underground Dining

If you thought eating in renovated toilets were unique, then why not try The Underground Dining experience. The massively popular dining experience is unique, in the sense that it is located in a renovated 1967 Victoria Line carriage. The Basement gallery can be found at the Walthamstow Pumphouse Transport Museum. They offer a 4 course tasting menu, and has proved to be a hugely popular dining experience.

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Hunterian Museum

Halloween may have just gone by, but for those that enjoy the spooky lifestyle, then the Hunterian Museum is for you! Discover and witness some fascinating sights, with their collection of body parts from up to 4 centuries ago. This museum isn’t for the squeamish, but is one to be checked out by people with an interest in the parts of human and animal bodies throughout the centuries. Located in the Royal College of Surgeons of England museum in Lincolns Inn Fields London, this museum is surely the most frightening and unique places in London.

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Hidden Bar at the BFI

The British Film Institution is synonymous with film fans around England. But little know about the secret hidden bar which is hidden behind a book shelf in the main Benugo Bar. Once you’ve entered the secret room, you can enjoy some fine cocktails and canapés. The relaxed environment, decked out to look like an old gentlemen’s club is to be enjoyed for those that want a unique experience and a quiet night out.

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As you can see from this list there are many unique places in London to enjoy during your stay in the city. From the weird to the wonderful, London has a lot to offer and go above and beyond the norm.