Deciding Your Future: The facts on Internships

Still undecided on your future? Well we have some statistics and facts on internships that may provide you some further ideas about what you choose to do after you graduate.

We’ve already discussed the benefits of internships, so now we will discuss the facts on internships, starting from the very beginning.

What is an Internship?

An internship is the opportunity offered by a company to gain vital experience in the industry of your choice. Internships can either be full time or part time and usually span up to three months within the company. There are paid internships and unpaid internships, which is something we have discussed in further detail here.

Statistics on Internships

There are a large number of graduates that have gone on to do an internship. According to College of Business, a study conducted in 2012 showed that students that completed an internship were 15% better off in terms of salary than those that hadn’t completed an internship.

A survey conducted in 2012, showed a high point for turning interns into full time employees with a staggering 58.6% of interns finding a full time job the same year.

Research shows that up to 85% of companies use internships or similar programmes such as trials to decide on hiring full time employees.

According to The Telegraph, 4 in 10 jobs will only be open to applicants with previous internship experience.

This rises to 50% for those looking into working for a respected law firm.

They go onto say there are up to 11,819 paid placements available in the current academic year.

Different types of Internships

There are a number of different internships on offer. Whether, as discussed previously it’s an unpaid or paid internship or post graduate or undergraduate internship, they all provide the same outcome, credit or experience necessary to furthering your career opportunities.

Did You Know?

It was reported that 35% of students that graduated from 2010 to 2014 had an internship or employment in their chosen career field.

You can do an internship during your education, with some offering credit towards your final grades

Some universities, especially in the media field require you to do an internship as part of your education

How to look for Internships?

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We hope some of these facts on internships have helped you along in the process of furthering your career. An internship can be the key to your future, and it’s up to you which door you decide to go through.