Experience The Magic, Watch Films In London!

Nothing beats going to the cinema for a few hours and emerging yourself in a new story. If you are a fan of movies on the big screen, then you are in luck! There is a large number of ways to watch films in London. From classic movies, to the latest blockbusters, there is a cinema in the big city for you!


The British Film Institute is the essential filming institute in Britain. The company offer a variety of different film and television associated activities as well as being a great cinema experience for those that want to enjoy classic world cinema.

The BFI has been a mainstay in Britain since 1933. They can boast about maintaining the world’s largest film archive, which contains over 50,000 fictional films and over a staggering 100,000 non-fiction titles. The BFI run the BFI Southbank, a cinema which brings you not only beloved classics but which also includes a film library, that offers films to from their rare collection of movies.

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Prince Charles Cinema

The Prince Charles Cinema is a fantastic independent cinema located in Leicester Square, next to China Town. The cinema boasts a large array of new releases mixed with classics. They often host events to be attended by film fans, including movie marathons and sing-alongs, such as everyone’s favourite Disney film, Frozen. Not only this, they often have guest speakers attending screenings. Recently, actor Zach Galligan from 80’s classic Gremlins appeared on stage to discuss the beloved film.

The cinema offers great deals on films, especially for those of you that are keen moviegoers. You can become a member of the cinema, from £10 which lasts the whole year or become a lifetime member for £50. The Prince Charles is one of the best places to watch movies in London for film fans.

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For a truly unique film watching experience, why not check out the IMAX in London. Located near Waterloo train station, the IMAX boasts the biggest cinema screen in the UK. Whether you are watching state of the art 3D films or classics such as Blade Runner, the IMAX is one cinema experience you do not want to miss. Fully emerge yourself in some of the biggest Hollywood movies, with their crystal clear screens and surround sound system, which is so loud it makes you feel like you are part of the movie! The IMAX is definitely one of the most fun way to watch films in London and is worth checking out.

The IMAX is part of the BFI if you needed more reason to love them.

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Movie Premieres

London is the hub for showcasing film premiers in England. If you want a glimpse at some of your favourite film stars then attend a premiere for a newly released film in London. Leicester Square is often the home for some of the world’s biggest films. As of recently, premiers in the area include, In the Heart of the Sea, starring Chris Hemsworth!

These cinema experiences are just a few of the places to watch films in London during your stay. Be sure to check out further London Lifestyle information soon!