London is a busy city, there’s no doubt about it. Thinking about travelling in London may seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. The public transport in London can be reliable and there is help out there which could save you a lot of money during your stay.

Travelling in London via train is a popular mode of transport, with the reliable underground system, taking you to your destinations. Prices vary during the day but there are some deals in place to help with the burden of paying for travel. Here is a quick list of deals that can save you money using the under and overground train system.

  • Oyster Card

Oyster Cards are one of the most useful ways to travel. An oyster card works on most public transport, including train systems and London Buses. An Oyster card is an electronic ticket which you can add money to, to cover your journey. There is no expiry dates on the oyster cards, and as soon as the balance hits 0 it just needs a quick refill before you can go back to travelling to your destinations.

  • Rail Card

16-25 Railcard: There are a number of different Rail Cards which can be used to save money on public transport. For teenagers and young adults there is a 16-25 Railcard which saves 1/3 of all ticket prices. At a cost of just £30 the railcard will save commuters a lot of money in the long run.

Disabled Person Railcard: This railcard also offers 1/3 off travel prices for the price of £20 a year. Travel around London, visiting destinations whilst saving money during your stay.

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  • Travel card

Travel cards are useful if you want to travel around different destinations in London for one day. A typical travel card lasts for 24 hours and will save a lot of time and money than buying each ticket separately. The travel card can be used on the underground train system as well as covering bus journeys.

Buses: The red double decker buses are a large part of the culture of London. Enjoy a bus ride on a classic red double decker bus. Bus journeys can usually save money in terms of transport compared to trains. Oyster Cards are accessible for bus journeys which if used will again save money for your travel. Cash isn’t accepted for bus journeys anymore, instead they accept travel cards, Oyster Cards and one day bus passes.

London Bus

London is also proud of one of its more recent additions of transport. For those that want to be active and enjoy some of the great scenery in London, the Boris Bikes are a great way of travelling. For a price of £2, you can access the bike for 24 hours. The bikes are available around London 365 days of the year.

Walking: Of course if you want to there is also the option to walk around London. There are plenty of helpful signs and guides which mean finding your destinations is never as difficult as they may seem.

Travelling in London can be fun and affordable during a visit to the city. The various modes of transport will make your stay a more pleasant and enjoyable experience.