Internships in London

London is one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world. There are a large number of various fields on offer, which can be perused for an internship, including writing, PR and Business. Employers are increasingly looking for experience whilst looking at candidates to hire. Find an Internship offers a wide range of Internships in London including fields such as Social Media, Management and Finance.

Why an internship in London can benefit you

  • Internships are integral to furthering career paths beyond qualifications

Qualifications are important, but employers are increasingly becoming more interested in experience as well. Internships in London are a great way to gain experience in a working industry, gaining vital knowledge to pursue a future career.

In January, a report published by High Flyers Research reported that 1/3 of this years graduate vacancies would be filled by applicants that had previous work experience within the industry they wished to pursue. These figures are backed up by data from the Higher Education Statistics Agency, which found that 21.7% of those that graduated in 2009 who found work within 6 months later had previous work experience. Internships are a fantastic way to boost CV’s to catch employer’s eyes.

  • Gain experience that will help further your career

Applying for internships and getting an interview will help boost morale for your future career. The experience of an internship will prepare you for the future. Internships are also vital to gain a wider knowledge on your future career, including likes and dislikes. Internships are becoming increasingly more important to a graduates future. The experience of a working environment is key, and something studying in a classroom cannot provide.

Great qualifications are important, these days though employers are also looking for experience in the field they are hiring for. Internships offer key experience, which will take you further along your career path. Working in facilities on a daily basis will give you the experience of what it is like to work in an environment as part of a group.

The experience of working in the United Kingdom can lead to great opportunities in the future as some of Europe’s largest companies are located in the country. There is no such thing as too much experience. In a competitive market the more experience one has the better chance of them getting the job they desire. There is also a chance that the employer may be impressed enough to hire you after the internship is over.

  • London is one of the leading cities for Internships

London is one of the leading cities for interns- giving valuable, educational and enjoyable experiences. 75% of Fortune 500 companies have offices in London, as well as thousands of other companies of varying sizes. London has a varying amount of facilities from their train services, making it easier to travel. There are a large number of libraries that facilitate most people’s needs, making it easier to apply for internships and research further companies.

London is one of the leading cities in the world and having it on your CV will be a boost in terms of being hired. Having the ambition to travel abroad shows employers the drive and tenacity that you are willing to take to further your career.

The City also boasts a fantastic range of fantastic facilities and places to visit in your spare time, from libraries and museums to great site seeing attractions such as Buckingham Palace.

  • London is a multicultural city

The United Kingdom is one of the most diverse and multicultural cities in the world. A large number of foreign postgraduates arrive in the UK to gain further experience within their chosen industry. The diversity of London means there is something for everyone and it gives people the chance to interact with people from all over the world. The diverse nature of London means it is almost guaranteed that you will find somewhere to suit you whilst you are visiting.

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