It’s already April, the days are getting longer and the weather (fingers crossed) should be getting warmer. There are plenty of fun events to take part in over the summer period that will keep you distracted during your stay.

We’ll start off with April, there are a few important events coming up in the next few weeks, including the important London Marathon. Whether you are partaking in the mammoth event or simply cheering from the sidelines you can do so on April 24th… hopefully the weather will be decent enough. The marathon itself starts in Greenwich Park and finishes in front of Buckingham Palace.
So what are you waiting for? Take part in the upcoming marathon, raise money for charity and have a fun day out. You may even bump into a celebrity who are taking part.
Now for another lively… and FREE event taking place in April, the Feast of St George that takes place in Trafalgar Square on the 23rd April. Celebrated as England’s national day, this fun day out is full of activities for those of all ages, including Food stalls, Children’s games all taking on a Shakespearean theme this year.
FA Cup Final at Wembley
This is a fun event for all you football fans out there, whether your team are playing or not, this is one historical event you won’t want to miss this summer! Taking place on May 21st, the final teams haven’t been set yet but if the previous years are anything to go by you will be in for a treat, and with Arsenal knocked out of the competition, there will be new champions crowned at the heart of English football, the beautiful Wembley Stadium.
London MCM Comic-Con
For all you lovers of all things comics then why not check out the hugely popular MCM comic con from Friday 27th May- 29th May. Whether you want to dress up as your favourite comic or video game characters the event will be one you will want to attend.
Guests so far include: actor Warwick Davis, actor Eric Christian Olsen and Actress Willa Holland. So don’t miss out, and get tickets ASAP as they sell out pretty quickly!
For more information on buying tickets visit their site
June is when summer really begins, during the next few months London becomes a hugely popular destination and looks truly beautiful. Make the most of the hot days though, as they don’t happen too often!
June marks the beginning of stage show Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, in what has been dubbed the biggest stage event of 2016. It is officially the 8th story in the popular wizardry series, which also picks up right after the events of The Deathly Hallows.
Don’t go into the show expecting a return of the much loved cast though, as three new faces have been cast instead. Taking on the role of Harry Potter is Jamie Parker, whilst Paul Thornley and Noma Dumezweni take on the roles of Ron and Hermione respectively.
Tickets will no doubt sell out in a ridiculously quick amount of time, so don’t wait around!
For more information about the new show, check out their site
June is also the month when the annual Pride Parade takes place in London. This Parade has been put in place to celebrate the LGBT communities, it’s loud, it’s bright and it’s a whole lot of fun for those in attendance. The event which is a drag queen come true takes place on June 25th this summer.
There’s a lot to check out in London this Summer, so make sure to come back to the Blog for more information on fun events to attend.