Enjoy The Fun Side of Dining in London

Sometimes it’s nice to have a variety of choices to choose from when you eat out. Luckily London has a large variety of differing international dining experiences in the city. Dining in London can be a fun experience if you know where to look. Luckily we look to give you some tips on restaurants to visit during your stay.

Chinese Food

A fan of Chinese food? Why not visit the famous China Town located in the popular Leicester Square. If you are looking for traditional and authentic food, then China Town is the place to visit! From all you can eat buffet restaurants such as:

Imperial China

Young Cheng

New World

Mr. Kong

There are plenty of restaurants located around the area. It is one of the best experiences for dining in London. Walking around the area, you won’t be lost for choices. Make sure to check out apps to figure out the best of the bunch.


Those of you that enjoy the fine taste of Italy, why not try out some of these authentic Italian restaurants. From pizza to pasta to the finest wines the city has to offer, these Italian restaurants are not to be missed.


Maximo Italian Bistrot

Homeslice Pizza

The Don Italian Restaurant

Italy is known as being the country of love, so why not enjoy the atmosphere from the comfort of a local restaurant. Dining in London has never been so fun and romantic!


For fans of something spicy, why not check out some of these restaurants in the city. Dining in London means there’s something for everyone. There are hugely popular Indian restaurants located all around the city.

Amaya Restaurant

The Cinnamon Club


The Shad

Enjoy some of the most exotic and fun to visit Indian restaurants in the city.


For something a little more fun, try out some of these fine Mexican restaurants. For cheap but great food, these restaurants offer a range of flavours and spices that will feel like you are sitting in a restaurant in Mexico City, whilst you are dining in London.





These restaurants are some of the most popular and cheapest in the city. Wahaca and Chiquito are especially popular chains of restaurants located around London.


Looking for some great Japanese food? Not sure where to look? Why not check out some of the fine restaurants in the city.

Misato Japanese



Yo Sushi

Who said dining in London had to be boring? These restaurants are just a small portion of the variety the city has to offer. Imagine dining out in a different country every day of the week, whilst actually staying in London.