There are many fine dining experiences to check out during your stay in London. If you are looking for something a little different why not check out American style restaurants. Indulge in a fun selection of Americanised cuisine in some of the greatest American Style diners in the city. Here are a few of them to check out:

The Breakfast Club

The Breakfast Club is a food chain which can be found spotted around London. Experience American Style breakfasts with their fine selection ranging from All American Pancakes to their dinner menu which includes various ranges of burgers. Named after the popular 80’s film, The Breakfast Club is a small, fun café worth checking out during your stay in London for cheap prices and great food.

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Red Dog Saloon

Located in Hoxton Square Red Dog Saloon is an American style barbecue diner which specialise in great BBQ food ranging from ribs to American Style burgers. Experience the America lifestyle inside with their wood décor and smokers that have been imported from America to give the truly authentic American food taste. There is a wide selection to choose from including a brunch menu or their top dinner menus. If you are up to the challenge then you can also try out the diner’s food challenges including ‘The Devastator’ or their hot Wings challenge, those brave enough to complete the food challenges get a special Red Dog Saloon T-shirt and their picture on the companies site.

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Red’s True Barbeque

Red’s True Barbeque is an American style diner which is proud to offer authentic American style food. The owners behind Red’s True Barbeque, travel around America picking up tips and tricks to make their food as authentic as possible. The diner offers great BBQ style food ranging from their famous ribs selection to their BBQ plates. There is also a kids menu to cater for everyone’s needs. Red’s True Barbeque is one of the best American Style diners in London.

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Brooklyn Bowl London

Brooklyn Bowl is a fun experience featuring great food and entertainment including bowling and concerts. Brooklyn Bowl really is a unique experience and is one of the best places to go on a night out. Enjoy their vast food menu, whilst bowling as they offer full service. Make sure to not bowl with greasy hands though as you will lose major points.

They also cater for kids parties to cater for everyone’s needs. Their menu includes Fried chicken meals, jumbo sandwiches and fantastic desserts including Hot Fudge Sundae.

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The Blues Kitchen

The Blues Kitchen is an American style barbecue restaurant located on Curtain Road in London. The restaurant offers great American food as well as live blues music adding to the American feel of the place. There are free types of courses to choose from, including a lunch menu, a brunch menu and a dinner menu. Enjoy some of their American style foods including their ‘New Orleans Gumbo’ a stew of chicken, smoked sausage, sweet potato, tomatoes and peppers topped with rice and corn bread. Their large menus are great for those with a large appetite. The Blues Kitchen also offer a wide variety of Bourbon and Rye as they offer over 100 different types, enough to cater of everyone’s taste. Experience the American lifestyle at this fun and relatively cheap priced menu.

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