Have Fun In London this New Year’s Eve

Christmas in London is magical festive experience in London, but the real fun is being able to celebrate New Year’s Eve in in the city. There are many attractions and places to visit during this occasion. As always we are going to list some of the best and most fun to visit during your stay.

Can you picture a better way to end 2015 than to spend it in London surrounded by people from around the world, huddled together to celebrate the New Year. Celebrate 2016 in style by buying tickets to the event extravaganza, which features beautiful sights and fireworks, to be enjoyed until the early hours of January 1st.

Tickets to the event are limited and sell out pretty quickly, so make sure to visit the London.Gov site for more information. Tickets go on sale from December 4th, be sure to check the site as to how to purchase tickets, don’t miss out on the event to end the year.

The spectacular event takes place on the River Thames, so don’t forget to wrap up with warm clothes if you do attend.

If you want to celebrate New Year’s Eve in London, the event starts at 5pm and ends at 2.00am the next morning, so if you do visit, it might be best to pack a coffee to keep up with the lively nature of it all.

If you are unable to buy tickets to the event, don’t panic! Getting anywhere near the London Eye will give you a great chance to witness the amazing firework display. The area as always though, is expected to be extremely busy, over half a million people crowded the streets to celebrate New Year’s Eve in London.

Fancy spending big money? Don’t want to have to deal with the crowds? Then why not purchase tickets to the Aqua Shard. For a price of £395, you can enjoy a 5 course meal before the event kicks off. Don’t expect the drinks to be free though, as well as paying for the meal you’d have to pay £125 to drink from the bar. If the price isn’t an issue, then the entertainment doesn’t stop until 3.30am.

For more information about the events around London visit this site.

Not a fan of fireworks? Want something more affordable? Then check out some of the great nightclubs around London. These popular events are a sure way to celebrate the New Year in style. Be sure to check out prices of each event because depending on locations the prices will fluctuate. Expect to have to pay more than you usually would as the events will sell out fast.

For more information on the London Nightlife during New Year’s Eve, check out this site