This is the question on most young adults lips as they look to leave education and look to find an internship. But when is the best time to apply? During education? After graduating? Don’t stress too much about finding the right time to apply for an internship. Here are a few tips and things to consider when you are thinking of applying for an internship.

When Should You Apply? 

There is no real time to find an internship, companies are looking for interns all year-round. There are however key times to apply for internships, under certain circumstances. It is common for students to take up the chance to do an internship during their summer breaks. Starting early on in life makes the process of finding a job that much easier. The work and determination to gather as much experience as possible will work wonders for you in the future. It won’t be easy to juggle both education and an internship, we know, but the outcome will be worth all the hard work and stress.

If you are looking to do a summer internship, when’s the best time to apply? Well ideally, you should be looking for summer internships as early as possible. To guarantee the best internships, applying around January/February would be suitable to stand a chance against the competition, vying for the same job. This is doubly important if you are choosing to do an internship in the country’s leading cities such as London.

Some companies don’t accept internships from undergraduates, just because you have graduated, doesn’t mean that it’s too late to look for an internship. Companies are relying on interns more and more these days, so it is never too late to start applying in the year. Getting the work experience before looking for a full time job will help only benefit you in the long run.

Even if you took up an internship during your education, searching for internships after graduation is still a viable option. Having more experience on your CV can only benefit you and it gives you the chance to further your name within the industry. Applying for a full time job in your chosen area may take some time to materialise, so an internship will keep you in the industry you love, while you are searching for a full time job. Going on to find an internship after graduation is a smart and quick way to gain great experience within the industry of your choosing.

Being able to find an internship of your choosing, shouldn’t be a rushed process. Apply early, but take your time searching for an internship that best suits you.