We have already established the benefits of internships, but what about unpaid internships? Are there any benefits to working for free? Of course there is! Here we look at why unpaid internships can benefit you and why they aren’t a waste of time.

If you’ve just graduated and are looking for experience in your chosen field then an unpaid internship could benefit you in the long run. For starters, an unpaid internship shows dedication to your professional career. By working for free you are showing future employers that you are willing and dedicated to the profession which is a big plus within the industry.

The unpaid internship will give you the same experience as any other internship. You will learn to work for a company and a manager in a profession of your choosing. It will also boost your CV and the potential for future jobs with key added experience.

A paid internship would be ideal for most of us, but presently it will be best to take whatever experience is given to you. Having a reference from a company, paid or unpaid will look great on your CV and that should be the thing to remember when considering an unpaid internship. Contacts are also a major plus for any kind of internship. Having connections with respectable companies will serve you well during your search for a full time paid job.

The internship can help you mature from a student and mould you into a career minded adult, who is focused on what they want to achieve in a career.

An unpaid internship doesn’t differ too much from a paid internship other than the fact you get money from one and the other you don’t. An unpaid internship will offer you the same rewards as a paid internship in the long run. The knowledge gained through the internship will make it all worthwhile to your time.

Another benefit to an unpaid internship is having your work published or showcased from the company. This will look great on your CV and you will feel that you have accomplished something worthwhile during your internship.

While ideally we would all like paid internships, the fact is this isn’t always the case. An internship should be grabbed with both hands and made the most of. You never know, the company may like you and your work enough to offer you a position in the future. Consider this when you are given the option of an unpaid internship.