There are many thousands of mobile phone apps out there, some are pointless, but others can help you on a daily basis, especially if you are travelling to a new country. These days, there is pretty much an app for everything, ranging from talking cats to Tracking Santa, but if you look hard enough you will find some that will benefit you. There are plenty of Apps For London, that will help you in various areas, from travelling to deciding where to eat. If you are smart, these apps can save you time and money, use them wisely during your stay and life will be much easier for it. Here well take a look at some of the most useful apps for London:

London Official City Guide App

This great app is essential for you during your stay in London. The app is free to download and use for your iPhone’s and Androids. The London Official Guide App includes:

Maps of London which can be used offline to stop data roaming charges

A step by step travel guide

Dining reviews and suggestions for when you want to eat out

The App also recommends some of the best destinations to visit based on preference

This is one of the best apps for London and should be downloaded by everyone coming to visit the city.


Continuing on from essential travel apps for London to use during your stay is Hailo. This app allows users to flag down taxis, saving you a lot of headache in the meantime! Use your credit card to book the Taxi for your travel and save spending your time looking for taxi rinks around London. Hailo takes 10% of every booking, giving you a receipt for their services via your E-mail.

Tube Map

This handy app is beneficial for those needing to use the underground train system, which if you are in London is almost guaranteed. This app is free to download and use and comes in handy for all the information you need about the underground including times, planning a journey and latest news with regards to the underground rail service.


The OpenTable app is useful for those wishing to eat out in the city, giving you the option to explore and book tables from the comfort of your home. Save time using this app instead of phoning up restaurants. The app is free to download and use, and tables can also be booked for free. Use their online calendar so you never have to forget a date or meeting ever again.

Just Eat

Just Eat is a takeaway app, which is useful for those nights in. The free to use app, offers a variety of different takeaways to choose from in your area. Avoid some of the dodgy takeaways as the app offers reviews for each location. Just Eat also offers, menus and pricing, making the takeaway service easy, simply find somewhere to eat, choose your food, pay online and wait, it couldn’t be simpler!


Netflix is great to watch films during those long winter nights inside. Netflix is supported on phones, gaming consoles and laptops. For only £5.99, you can watch a large number of T.V shows or films, streamed live to your device. Downloading the app to your phone means you can watch films and shows on the go, something which is handy during long trips around London.


For something more light-hearted, why not try Tinder. Tinder is a dating app which matches you with people in your location. Why not join Tinder and meet new people in the area you are staying. The app is free to download and use and should be enjoyed by those searching for companionship, friendship or even relationships (anything can happen).

These are just a few of the apps for London, that can be useful during your stay. There are hundreds out there that can be beneficial to you..